Ugandan Artists Who Have Dominated 2019 So Far

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Ugandan Artists Who Have Dominated 2019 So Far

2019 has been a leap forward in Uganda as far as music is concerned. From better videos and concerts, we compile you a list of artists standing out so far.

In compiling the list, we looked at factors like number of song and their performance, videos and general airplay. We also looked at artists relevance on the music scene.

1 – John Blaq

John Blaq

He entered 2019 in high gear after closing 2018 with three major hits Including Tuwatagane, Obubadi and Sweet Love.

His songs continued to trend in the January through March 2019, making John Blaq the best selling artist in early 2019.

Soon as the fire started to cool of, John Blaq released a series of song including Replace Me (With Sheeba & Grenade), Makanika, Tonvaako (With Daddy Andrey) and Do Dat.

John Blaq also won 3 awards in the Zzina Music Awards 2018/19

Accompanied with decent videos, John Blaq songs have had a great airplay in 2019 both on radio, TV and nightclubs.

Obubadi is still among the 5 most trending song on music download and streaming websites in Uganda. On Howwe alone it has had 475K plays and 492K downloads.

2 – Spice Diana

Spice Diana
Spice Diana

Spice Diana a good year 2018. She finished it with a couple of hits to her name and was preparing for a concert in early 2019.

Among her late 2018 hits were Best Friend (with King Saha), Now (with Daddy Andre) and Ndi Mu Love.

On 29 January 2019, Spice Diana held her Ndi Mu Love Concert at Freedom City and following shows in other places. The show was a success everywhere she had it, proving some critics wrong.

Right after the concert, she kept the fire burning by releasing new music. One of the songs that followed the concert was Bajikoona, which was dedicated to those who doubted her before her concert. The diss song became an instant hit in a week. She also released its video in less than two weeks.

After Bajikoona, Spice Diana released I Miss You and Jangu Ondabe all of which have performed well. Jangu Ondabe topped chats in its firs weeks and the video is dominating chats as of Late May.

Diana also won Female artist of the in the Galaxy FM Zzina Awards 2018/19.

In terms of relevance, Spice Diana was arguably the most booked artist between April and May 2019. A local TV station that tracked artists show bookings during the Easter weekend found that she was more booked than any other Ugandan artist that weekended with over 18 performances in 3 days.

3 – Fresh Kid

Fresh Kid
Fresh Kid

Almost never heard of in 2018, Fresh Kid is having a real tight grip on 2019. Just five songs to his name but has managed to dominate airplay.

Fresh Kid first came to the limelight in February 2019. He instantly begun gaining airplay and frequent interviews across all major media houses.

Since March 2019,Fresh Kid has had more bookings than some artist have had in 5 months. He is on this list mostly because of his relevance in media show bookings.

Fresh Kid’s name and music have managed to crossed the border into Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa and other countries with Ugandan diasporas.

Fresh Kid is nominated in the Carolina Music Video Awards in North Carolina, USA for his song Bambi. Awards will take place on July 20 2019.

Other Artists
Apart from the top 3, these are the other artist that have performed well

4 – King Saha
5 – Sheebah
6 – Lydia Jazmine
6 – Nina Roz
7 – Eddy Kenzo
8 – Daddy Andre
9 – David Lutalo
10 – Cindy

What is your opinion on the list? Leave a comment here or on our social media channels.

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